National and International Online Tuition for A Level

Teaching students online has really taken off in recent years, and finding a tutor that you have confidence in can be quite tricky at a distance, despite the large number of agencies that can initially seem enticing.

As with any form of tutoring you need to be certain that the person that is working with you knows what they are talking about. To help you decide if I am indeed the right tutor for you I offer a free initial session on a topic of your choosing.

I use a website called Scribblar to host my online teaching, which is essentially an interactive whiteboard with the ability to upload resources to it. There is a private ‘room’ for each student, which can be visited in-between lessons and which slowly accumulates a history of all the teaching and discussions which have taken place over a series of lessons. Before every lesson I upload relevant teaching resources to the ‘room’ – usually topic notes written by me which are often accompanied by material from other sources. The face to face aspect of the teaching is via Skype.

My hourly rates for online lessons are as follows:

 Private tuition - £90 per hour
 You and a friend - £60 each per hour
 Group of 3 - £45 each per hour

I recognise that this is high compared to many other online tutoring services you may come across, but it is comparable with other high quality tutors like me. It is also higher than my regular rate for people living in the Oxford area and who come to me and there is one main reason for this: I don’t think excellent teaching should just be the preserve of those who can most easily afford it. I am particularly keen to support my local state comprehensive schools, hence I have always had a lower rate for my local students. There are also hidden costs associated with online tuition, for example the substantial time I spend in preparing the virtual classroom before each lesson with all the resources we will need.

If you read the ‘About Me’ page of my website you will see that I have a set of qualifications and experience in teaching chemistry that most others do not. I hope that once we have spoken and you have taken your free lesson you will be reassured that I set myself high standards for the service I offer and can help to make chemistry an enjoyable and attainable subject for you. If you would like another point of view as to how I work and what I can do, take a look at the ‘What Others Have Said’ page of my website. I can also provide details for telephone or e-mail contact so that you can speak to a current or previous student’s family. Rest assured that I will always give you my very best - I really do want everyone to ‘get it’ and enjoy studying chemistry!
I look forward to hearing from you.