I charge £60 for an hour session, or £45 each for you and a friend (for online tuition costs, see here). My fee also includes all printed material for the lesson, any question practice which is relevant and all exam papers. You will need to pay me at the time of the session, or you can block book a number of sessions in advance if you would prefer.

You will find tutors out there who charge less. While they may know some chemistry (e.g. an Oxford PhD student or graduate), what they may not have is an ability to communicate the abstract ideas easily to students, teaching qualifications and many years of experience, a range of ideas about study skills and revision techniques, and an in-depth knowledge of how the examinations system works. These skills (combined with a committed student!) provide the best course to achieving the goals you are working towards.

Lesson location, times and available resources

Lessons need to be at my home. This is better than me coming to you: if I have all of my resources to hand then I can do the best job for you, whichever way the conversation takes us. I have a huge amounts of text-books and other paper resources which I just can't carry with me(!), as well as computer based resources and other visual bits and pieces that may be useful.

I can teach between 9.30am and 2.45pm during the working day, I have limited availability in the after school period, and I also teach some evenings after 7.30pm.

How you can help

If you can tell me as much as possible about what you want help with in advance, then every minute of the session will count. Basic information about what exam board and what topic are essentially. Specifics about what you do understand as well as what you don’t are helpful so that we can quickly focus on what is needed.

You need to be ready to work, prepared with all of the materials you need from school; you need to be willing to give things a go; you need to be positive about improving.