iPhone Apps

Specialist terminology is a key aspect of studying any science subject. The precise meanings of key terms help clear communication of ideas, and if you understand and can use terminology correctly you are a long way towards a good understanding of scientific ideas.

Recently I have developed a series of iPhone apps to help learn definitions of key terminology – specific to each of the exam boards. The apps are called Dr.P and you can find out all about them on their dedicated website, where there is also a link to the App Store.


I’ve written apps for GCSE, AS and A2 chemistry myself, and two very experienced colleagues of mine have written the content for GCSE biology and GCSE Physics. A version for the new A level Chemistry is coming soon, hopefully to be followed by A Level Biology, and then new versions for the GCSE courses starting in September 2106.

I hope you like them! If you do, then a review on the App Store would be much appreciated!