A short biography

I am a qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience. I hold a first class honours degree, PhD and PGCE. I also have enhanced CRB disclosure.

I taught at St. Paul’s Girls’ School in London for 12 years, but moved to Oxford with my husband and young family in the summer of 2010. During my school-based teaching years I learnt an incredible amount from both colleagues and pupils and enjoyed every minute of the challenge of explaining abstract chemical ideas in simple terms that all could understand. Have a look at some of the comments made by my former pupils to get an idea of my teaching style.

Over the last few years I have been tutoring in Oxford. I have met students from a wide variety of schools - both independent and state - and have taught all of the A level boards and most of the GCSE ones.

University studies

I gained my degree in Industrial and Natural Resource Chemistry in 1992 and then continued to study for my PhD. I was sponsored by British Airways for my project, which looked at clean technologies in the aircraft industry and the reduction of pollutants in aircraft paint-stripper effluent using photo-catalytic methods.

A career in teaching

After finishing my PhD I moved into teaching and after two years in tutorial colleges, I started working at St. Paul’s in 1998. The tutorial college sector taught me precision and directness – the teaching was fast-paced and examination results were the overriding priority. Moving to teaching in a school allowed me the freedom to teach a subject rather than just for an exam. This was when teaching became exciting for me and I knew that I was suited to it. Of course, passing exams is a very important aspect of the educational process – they are our tickets to the next thing we want to do - but the process of learning, and learning how to learn with confidence, is just as much a part of education as the final grade.

Professional credentials

I studied for my PGCE in the early years of working at St. Paul's and had the good fortune to learn from some excellent mentors. With a few years of experience under my belt, in 2003 I was nominated for, and subsequently won, a national prize for teaching chemistry. I was one of 4 winners that year of the 'Salters Prize for the Teaching of Chemistry', run by the Salters’ Institute. The competition was a really good experience and I was very excited to win, especially since it meant some prize money for me as well as some for the school!

Teaching experience

At St Paul’s I have taught chemistry to all ages from 11-18 and I know the pitfalls and anxieties that come with each stage of chemical study. Have a look at the 'How I can help' page for more details.

Part of my role as a chemistry teacher was to help students with their University preparation. I have considerable experience both in providing advice about personal statements and in giving mock interviews. Have a look at the 'University advice' page for more details.